Between Brahms and Wagner I have always preferred the latter and therefore enjoy creating music that speaks of emotion, worlds, feelings and passions that being told of through music, go beyond the music. If not, what is the use of music or art?

Maybe, it is for this simple and primordial need that I love American films (meaning those of Penn and Eastwood), science fiction (intending those of Dick, Bradbury and Ballard), paintings (Caravaggio, Poussin, Turner, Hopper, Magritte and Vermeer). All music: from Pink Floyd to Mahler, from Celtic folk to Vaughan Williams, because they are inspired by those internal spaces I have only found in the great northern landscapes.

If I could meet a fictional character, I would love to have among my friends the young Holden Caulfield; I hope in my travels and reading to encounter more souls comparable to his. I love reading; Dante, Milton, Eliot and also Hemingway, Conan Doyle and Herman Hesse.

I have always had a passion for the roots of things: it is not by chance that I love plants, flowers, nature and, when I read on music, I prefer to read texts on the “origins” such as the books of Mithen, Adorno and Rosen. I believe in the truthfulness of art, and live thinking that nothing else can be more important.

But, I believe that I am not very original in this, since there have been at least two or three thousand philosophers of human history who were here before me.




After having graduated at Liceo Classico Socrate, I attended the Tor Vergata University of Rome where I obtained a Master’s Degree in musicology cum laude. I have had the pleasure of studying with such professors as Agostino Ziino, Giorgio Sanguinetti, Gino Stefani and Giorgio Nottoli and my graduate thesis was focused on technical, social and aesthetic aspects of the diffusion of digital music instruments.

In 2008, I was admitted to Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music of Rome placing 2nd overall in the national contest and attended for two years. At the same time, I have deepened my composition studies with the maestro Francesco Telli and music technology with maestro Luca Spagnoletti.

As a composer I have published more than ten albums with many major Italian labels, I have scored more than sixty documentaries, four movies, twenty television cultural programs and many theater and multimedia performances. For some years I have collaborated with several music magazines, I directs the Eufonie essay collection for Ei Editori and I collaborate with the daily newspaper Il fatto quotidiano.

I have worked with several Italian universities such as Tor Vergata University, Luiss Business School and Lumsa, holding lectures and masterclasses about music, film scoring, aesthetic of music and new technologies.