Il Diario di Anna


Rai3 and Corrado Augias dedicate a special to the story and the incredible autobiography of Anne Frank. The stories told in Anna's diary come alive thanks to historical reconstructions, international fiction and the testimony of the senator for life Liliana Segre. The story of Corrado Augias takes place in a virtual studio that replicates the asphyxiated environments of that small secret house.

On 4 August 1944 the SS raided a secret accommodation hidden in the back of a company in Amsterdam. The inhabitants were deported first to Auschwitz and then to the Bergen-Belsen camp. Among the deportees there is a teenager who dreams of becoming a writer. On June 12, 2019 that girl would have turned 90 but her life was broken just 16 years after the Nazi horror.

Anna's diary will become a classic read by generations of children that testifies to us that we can always continue to hope, even in the most biu moments.