Fantasy (2001)


At the end of the 90's (when I wasn't even twenty) I composed some music dedicated to and inspired by the world of role-playing games. The experience of many hours of playing and dreaming about imaginary and heroic worlds with friends was finally turned into my first publication in 2001: the RPG Trilogy (Fantasy, Cyberpunk and Vampires) the first experiment of music expressly composed to underscore the live and table role-playing sessions.

In the early 2000's the digital sampling of the acoustic instruments was a primitive technology, but full of potential and creative implications. Today, the sound of these albums is reasonably considered naive and not realistic if compared to modern productions. However, the MIDI flavor of these recordings has many fans all around the world and this particular childlike timbre reminds them the good old Rpg computer soundtracks. Still today in fact, many people continue to listen and download these albums to the point that they periodically enter the general ranking, especially in the northern European countries.

These albums, published by Tweedle Music and distributed in the U.S. by Diamond Comics, have been also massively used on television for many documentaries and cultural programs.