10 Marzo
Heristal Entertainment Srl

The total indifference nature demonstrates towards man, and the destructive force with which it often decides to manifest itself, has always resonated as an atavistic reminder, perhaps taking us back to our all to often forgotten limitations. As people of the twenty-first century we live persuading and reassuring ourselves about our concept of the age of technology. Within this scenario, nature appears as though it can be totally manipulated by science, subjected to technology, subjected to the will of man and almost relegated to the role of sacrificial victim. Yet, various civilizations have brought about their own ruin through the unsustainable exploitation of their ecosystems. This poem seeks to evoke the primordial spirit of the elements, proposing a vision and a narrative that, I would like to imagine, allows us to approach that of the first humans. The earth trembles and breaths like a giant living being, fed by an inexhaustible glowing furnace. Water flows powerfully and inexorably changing the shape of landscapes, creating rivers, lakes and boundless seas. Fire destroys and purifies bursting forth and dying in a cyclical hypnotic dance. The air pure and rarified, paints the colours of the sky and the gusting wind brings life to the canopy of the trees. Today the environmental crisis is certainly one of the most important challenges of our time, I like to think that through music it is possible to sensitize the spirit to the absolute importance of preserving the marvelous habitats that chance has bestowed upon us. Finally, it is impossible, as humans, to be nonetheless awed by the sight of an erupting volcano, hypnotized before an immense fire, bewitched by running water, enraptured by the sound of the wind that, as my grandfather used to say, “has its own musical intent”.